Welcome To The eIVF Community!
Undergoing IVF treatment can be an emotional and challenging time. Having a community of other patients walking a similar path that you can turn to for questions, advice and support can be so helpful. Join our new platform and find a family that understands the fertility treatment process.
The community is made up of members across the world that all share a common experience. Our goal is to provide a forum for those around the globe to connect and support each other while undergoing IVF treatment. Whether you have a question or just need a shoulder to lean on our community is right for you.
Similar to other social media platforms, members will be notified when they receive a private message, get a request to connect or receive an instant message. Of course, these notifications can be tailored to a member’s preference to allow you to be as engaged as you would like to be.
Our platform enables members to interact with each other in many ways, including live chat. We realize it can be intimidating to share your personal journey with a group of people so if you prefer to talk to members one on one, you can with our live chat function.
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