Manhattan-Based Doctor and Coach Teaches Psychic Fertility

Article by Margaret Adams about psychic fertility and holistic medicine practice in Manhatten provided by Observer. 

Dr. Julie Von is a Manhattan-based fertility doctor and coach known for her holistic approach to pregnancy and her focus on “psychic fertility.” Raised by missionary parents, Dr. Von apprenticed with healers, shaman and doctors over the years. Now, Dr. Von wants to make fertility easier to understand and less taboo.

“My early exposure to human suffering sparked my interest in exploring the mind, body and spirit connection,” Dr. Von told the Observer. “Even if someone is in deep psychological and physical pain, a spiritual practice will give them a sense of knowing that the pain will eventually end and a trust in the process. Deep meditative work also delivers the same quality of objectivity.”

Von’s psychic fertility urges people to focus more on spirituality to get pregnant. She wants people to be more receptive to the process, instead of an emphasis on the end goal. While some might think her approach is a bit out of the ordinary, Dr. Von believes it’s ideal for those who have tried conventional fertility methods to no avail. “I represent an integrative approach that answers the question, ‘What else can I possibly do to get pregnant?’” Dr. Von explained. “Many people understand the role that the mind and stress play in their ability to become pregnant, but there are very few methods taught on how to address this mind and body connection specifically.”

Her “Psychic Fertility” method might sound controversial, but “it’s not as woo-woo as it seems,” she promised. Instead, it’s simply a way for people who have been hyper-focused on getting pregnant to relax. Dr. Von urges patients to experience life without focusing full-time on pregnancy. Everyone has heard stories about couples who decide to travel or adopt, before becoming unexpectedly pregnant. She believes that while it might seem like a random occurrence, it’s not.

Her holistic approach also applies to diet and exercise and creates customized nutrition plans for all of her clients. “What most women need to know about preserving and nourishing their reproductive health is synonymous with practicing self-care on an ongoing basis,” Dr. Von said. While it might seem a bit woo-woo, you don’t have to be psychic to know eating well, speaking openly about fertility and no longer obsessing over it are all indeed good pieces of advice.

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