First Giveaway Winner!

Earlier in February, we announced our first Giveaway contest. The winner was selected by introducing themselves in the forum, telling something about themselves and their fertility journey. Take a look at a selection of the entries!

Linsay– Hello my name is Linsay, I am from Albany NY. New to the community… not so new to infertility. Have been trying for 3 and a half years for baby #3 to complete our family. Tried clomid with IUI for 3 cycles, 2 failed and one resulting in chemical pregnancy… am now about to have my first embryo transfer after doing an IVF freeze all cycle. Feeling positive and hopeful. Thanks for welcoming me!!

Chrystal- Hi! My name is Chrystal, and I’m from Houston, TX. This is our first IVF cycle, and we’ve almost made it to embryo transfer! I feel like I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks, and am hopeful for success!

Stephanie- Hi! I am Stephanie. Almost 10 years ago my tubes were removed during a laparotomy, I.WAS.CRUSHED! My husband at the time had different family planning ideas than I did. I never thought to talk about the “what if it doesn’t work”. Long story short, we were never able to get on the same page. Fast forward today, the love of my life and I are hoping to have a child of our own. We found out about this place through a friend, and I am so grateful to have an opportunity to have hope for the first time in a decade.

Kienan- Hello, my name is Kienan. My husband and I recently started our fertility journey. After two years of trying on our own with no results, we decided to take the next step. We did our first IUI with no luck. We are now onto our second and hoping this is the one that will give us the results we’re looking for! 🙂

Ashley- My name is Ashley, I’m still researching IVF, as it was just introduced as an option recently. We’ve had 4 miscarriages and are about to try baby aspirin and clomid and hope that works!

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