Second Giveaway Winner

Back in March, we announced our second Amazon Giftcard giveaway. The winner was selected at random for telling our community a few things they were not warned about before meeting a fertility doctor. Thank you to all who entered the contest and shared your experiences! Take a look at a selection of the responses below.

“I have only been seeing a fertility doctor for about 2 months now, but we have been struggling with fertility problems for about 3 years. Most of my friends did not have to use a fertility specialist in order to have babies, so I really didn’t know much about the process at all. I was surprised at how often I have had to go in for blood work and sonograms, although I guess I shouldn’t have been. What really surprised me though was the sonogram on day 3 of my cycle while I was still bleeding! No one ever told me about that before seeing the fertility doctor!”

“You always know that it will take time and perseverance but you don’t realize how much is needed until you go through with it month after month. Being at the fertility clinic, tracking everything necessary and the drugs is like having another job! Initially I didn’t realize how much testing would be involved, but now having been on the other side I do like how much testing is involved. That means that cycles are being monitored to try and figure out how make this all work!”

“One of the biggest things I found surprising before I saw the doctor was how long the fertility treatment timelines are. I had an idea in my head of how long it would take to see each treatment through, however, in reality it has been much longer. This has been a real test of patience, but has taught me to appreciate the journey as it comes.”

“I think I had a picture in my mind of taking some pills and being able to magically conceive with ease. Instead when I went to the RE, I could not believe how much monitoring is involved. I had never had a vaginal ultrasound before and now I cannot begin to count how many I’ve had. I was also very surprised it was done on Day 3! I was also surprised that I could not leap into treatments immediately. My RE ordered an HSG first and when that came back abnormal, I had to have a hysteroscopy done. A year into it, I really respect the science of what is being done.”

“1.The amount of testing was the biggest thing. I have never had so many blood tests, ultrasounds, tests I’ve never heard of, etc.
2. The cost, I did 5 iui at another clinic before moving and when I added up all the “small” bills I paid I could’ve covered a large part of ivf which has a better success rate.
3. The time involved- i figured once I decided to see a doctor it would happen at least within a month or two but it’s been much longer than that.
4. How much patience you need- waiting for your cycle to start, waiting for test results, waiting to see how the meds work and then doing that over and over
5. This ties into #2 a little bit but if you feel something is taking longer than it should don’t assume your doctor has your best interest at heart, stand up and demand answers or switch clinics.”

“The first doctor we went to never gave us a specific breakdowm of the cost. I think they just assumed we had it up front? When I called I asked if they had a menu of services vs cost in writing, she proceeded to tell me all that info over the phone. This is a very overwhelming process as it is.