What Causes Male Infertility?

Most fertility treatments focus on improving the ability of a woman to conceive, but male fertility issues affect about 25% of couples trying to conceive.

Up to 90% of male infertility issues are the result of low sperm count, poor quality sperm or both. Other causes of male infertility can be attributed to hormonal, genetic and anatomical issues.

What causes low sperm count or poor sperm quality? 

Doctors believe that elevated temperature in the testicles is a critical cause of low sperm count. Every degree above the body’s ideal temperature results in approximately a 40% decline in sperm quality. Firefighters, welders and other professions that have consistent exposure to excessive heat can experience this issue.

Chemical exposure could also be affecting your sperm quality. Although chemical exposure is often a topic of controversy, many experts believe that exposure to a varity of chemicals often found in plastics, cosmetics, and other consumable goods are adversily affecting male fertility.

So how can you improve your fertility? 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will improve your sperm health. Try to avoid smoking, drug use, excessive drinking, and high stress. Poor sleep quality and even certain foods can affect your sperm’s health.

If you are intterested in assesing the health of your sperm, their are a number of easy-to-use in-home tests that you can find online, or you can talk to your physician at your next doctors visit.


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