Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Even before getting pregnant make sure you are practicing these 5 healthy lifestyle practices to prepare your body for pregnancy .

Stay Fit. Staying active is important for both you and your baby during pregnancy. So start a regular exercise program now so that your body will be ready for baby.

Stretch. It’s not uncommon for even the fittest of women to forget to stretch. Most frequent bodily aches and pains can be improved with some simple stretches. Make sure to include stretching as part of your fitness regime.

Take your vitamins.  Most doctors will recommend that women who are pregnant or looking to become pregnant boost their fertility by taking a prenatal or multivitamin. Prenatal vitamins often include higher levels of certain nutrients, like folic acid, that are necessary for the early stages of pregnancy.

Reduce your alcohol and caffeine intake. Most experts agree that pregnant women should not consume alcohol or caffeine. Even when trying to conceive, research has shown that increasing your intake of both alcohol and caffeine can improve your chances of conception.

Maintain a balanced diet. It’s important to maintain a balanced diet of protein, fat, and carbohydrates while limiting excess sugar while pregnant. Improve your diet now before baby to make your healthy eating a regular part of your lifestyle and not a special diet.