Your Asthma May be Effecting Your Fertility

A recent study published in the European Respiratory Journal published results showing that women with asthma take longer to conceive and have lower pregnancy rates than women without the disease. Researchers followed 245 women between the ages of 23 and 45 who were undergoing fertility treatment.

On average, Women with asthma took almost two years longer to conceive than the women without. Of the women who participated in the study, less than 40% were eventually able to conceive compared to 60% of the healthy women. As the women aged, the gap between the healthy women and the asthmatic women’s ability to conceive increased even more.

Doctors are unsure what the exact relationship is between fertility and asthma. A number of complex factors including the types of asthma, types of asthma medications, and asthma’s effect on hormones complicate the issue further. It is not uncommon for doctors to advise patients to limit their asthma medication intake during pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive, work with a medical professional to control your asthmatic symptoms.