New Online Fertility Calculator Designed for Breast Cancer Victims


Researchers at Melbourne University are looking to add on to the fertility calculator  they had already created  to help women with breast cancer.

This tool is designed to help women with breast cancer fully understand the repercussions that cancer treatment has on their fertility, even before they have begun the treatment.

Women have always been concerned with the effects of cancer treatment on fertility. With many different strategies and treatments available for women with breast cancer to preserve future fertility, this tool has a chance to make their treatment decisions much easier.

Dr. Zobaida Ebid from the Royal Women’s Hospital and University of Melbourne made it clear that the goal of the tool is to precisely determine the risk that specific breast cancer treatments have on future fertility. If the tool succeeds, it could eventually be used to calculate fertility risk for other types of cancer treatments as well.

“Often women are faced with having to quickly make a decision about their fertility at a time when they are already dealing with a lot of information and worry associated with their cancer diagnosis,” Dr. Ebid explains. Clearly, it is important for women to be able to make well-informed decisions when trying to balance their own health with the potential for a future family.

To make this happen, developers are using a large global database of information from past fertility-related treatments of women with breast cancer, in addition to continuing to gather relevant information.