8 Strange Ancient Fertility Practices

If you think some of the pregnancy myths we believe today are strange, then you will be inclined to find out where most of them come from! Much of what we know today derived from an ancient -and inaccurate- view of fertility. Prepare to be mystified.

  1. Drinking Semen

As shocking as this may sound, many modern day civilizations still hold this belief to be true in predicting fertility. While of course there is no evidence to support this, Ancient Greeks believed in a varied version of this, as well. To guarantee fertility, a woman was expected goose semen mixed with water.

  1. Inducing Labor with Corn

The ancient Egyptians believed in a similarly bizarre fertility myth. This specific one involved stuffing a few home remedies up the vagina with the hopes of inducing labor. Some of these concoctions included honey-soaked hemp or a handful of ground corn.

Can’t believe these strange practices? You won’t believe the others either.



  1. Melissa

    A lot of things on this list sound crazy, but I’ve honestly heard some spinoffs of these ancient tricks. In particular, the elevating your legs myth? You hear that all over the place!