The Real Reason Women are Freezing Their Eggs

Women are finding themselves struggling to find the right men to father their children, leading them to freezing their eggs. Educated and career driven women have seemingly set their expectations high and refuse to settle for less than the best for their children. Instead of rushing to have children when their fertility is peaking, more than 80% of women in their thirties and forties have opted to freeze their eggs instead. Women have gone as far as to admit that they are not putting off having children in order to pursue an education or career but because of a lack in decent lads. Findings show that these disappointing men are either intimidated by their success or are unwilling to even start a family.

The President of the British Fertility Society, Adam Balen has said that one in five women in the UK are now childless by the end of their fertile life no matter how desperately they want to have children. These interesting findings were presented at the annual meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology in Geneva, Switzerland.