This One Thing Can Increase Fertility Chances by 5 Times

Experts say that going “low carb” can increase your chances of conceiving by nearly 5 times. Cutting out all white bread, pasta and breakfast cereals as well as having your one portion of the day will get you on a fast track to having a baby. High amounts of refined carbohydrates can seriously damage conception chances therefore some thorough diet changes may need to occur.

British clinics’ strong belief in a healthy diet has led them to enrolling patients in nutrition courses and cooking classes in order to kill fertility issues. Dr. Lockwood, executive director of fertility group IVI took part in a research that found women with lower carbohydrate intake had 4 times the success rate of those on standard diets. A trial that took place in the U.S. studied 120 women undergoing IVF and split them into two groups depending on the balance of protein and carbohydrate in their diet. 58% of those in the “low carb” group went on to have a baby. From this, researchers concluded that those trying to start a family should aim for up to 35% protein and less than 40% carbohydrates.