Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore Seeks IVF Treatments in Barbados

We’ve watched the drama unfold in the lavish lifestyle of Kenya Moore on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. After a recent quickie marriage and lots of off-camera secrets, Kenya Moore is wasting no time trying to get pregnant. Moore and her new husband Marc Daly have recently been spotted in the Barbados seeking fertility treatments – news exciting enough to make any Real Housewives fan squeal.

The Low-Down on Kenya Moore’s Recent Escapades

Drama both on and off the screen

While dating her ex-boyfriend – Matt Jordan – Kenya Moore was still actively trying to get pregnant. However, at 46-years-old this is often not an easy task, which is why Kenya and new husband Marc Daly have turned to IVF to conceive. A great amount of drama has surrounded Kenya Moore in her search for privacy during her quickie marriage and hoping to keep Daly out of the public eye, bringing to question what’s next for her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kenya and Marc Choose Barbados for their Fertility Treatments

Reports of the couple looking to start a family

After their private island ceremony, the newlyweds are wasting no time in trying to start a family. The two have been spotted in Barbados at the Barbados Fertility Centre. Why they are looking for IVF treatments in Barbados is still up for discussion, but sources suggest they may be seeking more off-camera privacy, or want fertility treatments at the lower costs offered in Barbados. It’s unclear whether Marc Daly will be staying in Barbados for the entirety of her treatment or whether he will be returning to the US.

Tension with RHOA Producers

Is Kenya Moore ready to give  it all up for the family of her dreams?

It has been reported the Real Housewives of Atlanta producers and Bravo have not been invited to film Moore’s recent marriage. As she shuts out the cameras for the personal time she seeks for her family planning, producers and fans worry that this could be the end of the road for this Real Housewife. However, it appears that Moore is excited to talk about her experience with IVF in the upcoming reunion show. And let’s face it – we’re all excited for a potential new baby on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, especially if it’s a Moore-Daly baby.

With family planning being such an exciting, emotional time, it’s important to respect the wishes of all couple trying to conceive – even if their entire lives appear to be in the public eye. For now, we wish Kenya Moore and Marc Daly the best of luck in their fertility journey, and look forward to sharing with them the excitement of a new baby.