No Surprise – Smoking Could Negatively Affect Your Fertility

Cigarette smokers have heard it all before: you’ll get cancer, your lungs are full of tar, your mouth smells like an ashtray. Smokers – many of whom would like to quit – are aware of many of the health risks related to smoking. Did you know that smoking could even negatively affect your fertility? According to doctors, smoking both marijuana and cigarettes could have some adverse effects of your ability to conceive.

Cigarette Smoking and Your Fertility

Warning towards current and past smokers trying to get pregnant

Although I’m sure nobody ever expected that smoking was beneficial to your chances of getting pregnant, many women underestimate cigarettes’ effects. Studies find that women who are current smokers take significantly longer to get pregnant, have increased complications during pregnancy, and have less successful pregnancy rates after infertility treatments. Similar complications arise for post smokers, but to a lesser degree – meaning that if you plan on having a child, staying away from cigarettes and tobacco use is vital in maintaining the health of you and your future baby.

Marijuana and Your Fertility

Scientists suggest similar effects as tobacco use

With marijuana use becoming increasingly more socially-accepted and widespread, it’s important to not avoid the discussion on its effects on your fertility. Doctors suggest that smoking marijuana has a similar effect of fertility as tobacco given the shared chemical compounds within both. Vaping and consuming edibles, however, may allow these toxins to bypass your systems, but not enough research is done to conclude whether the remaining toxins have adverse effects on your fertility. The truth of the matter is, everything we inhale – from the air in the ecosystem to cigarette smoke – has an effect of some sort on our organs. We cannot entirely erase the effects of these toxins and pollutants, but avoiding them is an excellent start.

Would Quitting Help My Fertility?

Assessing whether damage from past use is reversible

Unfortunately, doctors suggest that much of the damage to one’s fertility is irreversible, having already accelerated egg loss and increased the chances of future pregnancy complications. Good news though – quitting gives you the opportunity to stop any further damage and continue on the track to a healthy lifestyle for you and your future baby. Past smokers still frequently have happy, healthy babies all the time. It is extremely important, however, to not smoke if you become pregnant (although I’m sure you are very aware of this already) to avoid serious complications during your pregnancy.

Although some of this may sound scary for any current or past smokers trying to conceive, rest assured that it is still very possible to have the family of your dreams. Not only can you take the personal steps – by quitting smoking, for example – to ensure the health of your future baby, but with modern reproductive technology, doctors can help you conceive despite various obstacles along the way.