Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy

Jamaican Folklore has some interesting things to say about fertility

Before the discovery of science and modern medicine, our ancestors had a different way of interpreting our medical conditions. Pregnancy was definitely not excluded. Jamaica has some superstitious things to say about fertility and pregnancy, and hey, don’t think it’s bogus because who knows what may happen.

Lizard Pregnancy Test

According to folklore, a true sign of pregnancy is if a lizard jumps on you. As silly as it sounds, some people in rural Jamaica still hold to this belief.

Fish Dreams

If you dream about fish, that means either you or someone you know is about to be pregnant. According to Renee Lewis, her grandmother warned her that she “dream sea fish” and Renee got pregnant three weeks later.

Dirt and Ashes

We all know that pregnant women get weird cravings. Have you ever heard someone craving dirt and ashes? If you’re all of a sudden craving those things, you may have a bun in the oven.

These also extend to the baby’s personality…

Climbing Over Fences

Some believe that if a pregnant woman climbs over a fence, the baby will turn out to be a thief.

Pregnancy Photos

Sorry Instagram moms. According to legend, if a woman takes photos of herself while pregnant, her child’s eyes may be crossed when he/she is born. Beware!

Learning more about cultures before modern medicine gives you a little taste of what life was like and teaches you something new.