Women Diagnosed with Chronic Conditions Need More Fertility Information

Australian study concludes that we are still too uninformed

An Australian study reports that women with chronic diseases like cystic fibrosis receive inadequate information about fertility. A key finding was that women with chronic illnesses were more likely to report younger pregnancies, unintended pregnancies, and abortions. A lot of women with chronic diseases assume that their condition prevents them from having children. Therefore, a lot of them do not use contraception and have unwanted pregnancies as a result.

This mentality also works its way into women not meeting with a fertility specialist to discuss tools to manage their fertility. Dr. Sara Horton says “It is likely that women’s consultations with a healthcare provider are focused on managing or treating their disease and, therefore, women with a chronic illness may not be receiving pertinent or timely advice about managing their fertility.”

Horton also believes that women with chronic conditions need fertility information that relates to their specific condition. It is essential to have all of the facts about your body before trying to get pregnant.