Why is it so Hard to Talk About Fertility?

women workingHave you seen the viral marketing campaign #SaytheFWord around recently and wondered what’s going on? Even if you haven’t, it’s a new and important part of the fertility movement, not some weird way to encourage people to curse more.

Celmatix, which is a biotech company that focuses on women’s health, recently ran an extensive survey about fertility. They found some alarming trends in how women feel scared to talk about the subject of fertility with their friends and even sometimes with their partners. In fact, they found that one in five women who have a miscarriage don’t even tell their partners about it!

Also, 75% of women who are considering or even actively involved in fertility procedures don’t tell their friends about it.

Things like this contribute to the culture of shame around fertility and make it even more difficult for women who are undergoing fertility issues or who are unsure about other parts of their journey to get the help they need. That’s why viral campaigns like #SaytheFWord are so important.

They give women a chance to speak out about the issues that are impacting their lives, even when they don’t always have words for how difficult it can be. So get out there and talk about your journey if you feel comfortable with it, or at least take a moment to appreciate how much the social internet is letting us share all of the difficulties and joys that were often kept quiet and private before!

You can also take Celmatix’s pledge here. If you do, they donate $1 (up to $25,000) to the charity of your choice! Not only is Celmatix looking out for women’s reproductive health, they’re also helping make the world a better place one small step at time.