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    Hello guys. I want to tell you some advantages of the egg donation. I hope it will help you all.

    1. The sperm is gotten from your accomplice so the kid is naturally his.
    2. As the pregnancy will occur in your body, this allows you to control imperative way of life factors which influence the infant’s improvement, for example, eating regimen, smoking and drinking. You don’t have this control with either appropriation or surrogacy.
    3. You encounter the advantages of being pregnant and all the maternal emotions related with it.
    4. You will have the capacity to breastfeed your youngster, supporting the normal holding process.
    5. Egg gift remains the best alternative for ladies more than 40 who have not reacted to fruitlessness treatment.
    6. In many nations legitimate contracts can be composed that evacuate every single parental right of the contributor. Once the youngster is conceived the appropriation procedure is a bit much. This is less straight forward with surrogacy.



    Hi, Shanon.
    Allow me to thank you for this excellent post, we women find ourselves in hard situations after trying IUI without success; we never realize the availability of such great option. The advantages of egg donation have a bearing on the health of the mother and baby. The mother has the benefit of experiencing the pregnancy in its entirety, which comes with the benefits associated with maternal feelings. It is a fact that a mother has full control over the lifestyle which is essential for the development of the baby. Most importantly, breastfeeding of the baby provides one with the best opportunity for bonding with the baby. Donors get matched to the recipient couples. The matching is done to fit the couple as close as possible where things like occupation and also interests factored into account. The fact that the recipient couples remain the legal parents to the child born resulting from the egg donation process means that one need not worry about any legal issues that may arise out of this enjoyable process. It is worth noting that the eggs get retrieved from healthy women who are young. The egg donation process is one that I can recommend to women to give a try especially if their eggs are of low quality.


    Veronica smith

    Hey Shannon, A happy new year to you. Thank you for sharing this amazing post. Egg donation is a relief for ladies who can bear the child but have eggs of low quality. I have seen couples proceeding for IVF and getting demotivated when the attempt fails. Donor eggs can ensure the mother bears the child and the bonding process is normal. The mother can breastfeed the child and continue with life as a normal pregnancy. Egg donation is a safe process and needs to be share and promoted to make ladies aware of this beautiful option available. Stay blessed!



    When you are facing with the infertility issue everything seems to be even harder because you don’t see anything positive in your life. You want to have a baby and that is it. Sometimes, we all need someone in our life who will push us forward and tell us what to do. That’s why it is great that you decided to post all you know about egg donation. I believe this information will be useful to those in need.



    I heard a lot about egg donation. From what I heard about it I think that it is a great procedure which can help many couples with infertility issues. The information that you shared with us are very useful to those in need.



    Hey there. I hope that you’re doing good. I’m really glad that you shared some attributes of egg donation here. Actually, we all know here. That family is a great blessing. Everyone desires it. It is the ultimate goal of every couple. A woman goes through a lot of pain to have one. A person much do every single possible thing for it. Thanks to the modern medications. I’m glad that you posted a thing on this topic. Actually in our society people are usually less aware of everything about this. It’s, in fact, a very sensitive issue. So its good to read such a post after a long time. It will definitely help a lot of women here. Thanks a lot. Much love.


    mona liza

    Hello Shannon, very useful information about egg donation. You are absolutely right that in this process the child is yours because the sperms come from your husband, so the child is genetically yours and you have same sort of association with him/her as you can have with the child developing in your womb. Egg donation is really a blessing for those mothers whose partners are fertile and who want to have their own babies. The most exciting thing is that the pregnancy occurs and proceeds within your body so you can feel the true pleasures of carrying your baby in your womb for nine months. It automatically creates the feelings of love and affection for your baby. You feel the labour pains and you deliver the baby just like other females. This process is just awesome. During this whole process you never feel that you are infertile because everything happens like the real pregnancy and delivery and the most important thing you breastfeed your child like every mother. I will definitely suggest this process to all those women who are infertile due to poor egg quality. A number of clinics throughout the world are offering this process at very reasonable rates. Stay blessed all the ladies.



    Thanks for sharing this information. I am also currently working on my options of surrogacy. I have been TTC from past 10 years, but no success. I have tried every possible method available. Now the only option left is surrogacy. I really want to become mom. But I want to use my on eggs and my partners sperm. As I am not been able to carry baby in my body. I want you to share some information on this topic as well. I really appreciate your efforts.



    I agree with you that it is one of the best methods that can be used to help couples who cannot conceive on their own. It is normally chosen when a woman cannot ovulate and produce quality and mature eggs. Normally, a matching donor will be looked for. She will be stimulated to help the eggs mature. Once the eggs have been obtained, they are analyzed to determine their quality. The eggs are then stored in special cups and could be frozen. Your DH will be required to donate the sperm to be used to fertilize the egg. The woman will be put on medication to stimulate her endometrium to grow. If the doctor is satisfied with the thickness of the lining, the embryo will be transferred into the uterus of the intended mother. She will go for an hCG test and if found to be pregnant, she will be expected to carry the growing baby just like any other woman. The woman provides the environment (uterus ) in which the baby grows. This helps to develop some sort of attachment between the mother and the baby. It is true that the mother gets a rare chance of being pregnant and will feel and have all the emotions associated with pregnancy. After giving birth, she will have a chance to breastfeed the child just like any other woman. In most of the cases, once the egg donor has parted with the eggs, she passes the right to ownership of the children to the mother. It is straighter than surrogacy which requires that you sign a lot of documents.



    We’re just experiencing donor egg advantages – lol. With all the issues we’ve got previously this was the route straight for us. There’re 6 failed iuis, 1 cancelled ivf with oe adding 7 yrs ttc in our infertility history. We could not trust the previous clinic any more, so switched it for the overseas one. Our new dr told us about fibroids found in my uterus and that my health condition prohibited my getting prego at all. So this is surrogacy track for us. We’re using donor egg – a nice back plan to have in case your eggs are useless.

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