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    I just want to share my IVF story one here. personally, I cant think of more uncomfortable ive ever done to my own body, than have an IVF. Whenever I had to do it, it was really really painful. Im not good with needles either so it was especially awful for me. I was relying on my loving husband to keep me afloat through the whole thing. Luckily the clinic i went with was also very helpful. They were probably the best care I got from a clinic. I had been in and out of a decent few for a myriad of different therapies and procedures. I could feel calm in there and they really helped with my paranoia and anxieties about the needles as well. The IVFs however, didnt seem to take as fast as i was expecting. I thought for something to be this painful, the results must be worth it. Sadly, that was incorrect for me to assume. Nothing is 100% successful and i realise that now. At the time, it was unbeareable. I kept on. Thanks to my husbands’ support. And on our 3rd IVF attempt, we finally got the good news we wanted. I now have a beautiful little girl and she is my world. I hope the rest of you find success and strength in your attempts as well. Good luck!



    Hi Claire, I am so happy you are sharing this most amazing news with us. Nothing in this world can be more contenting and satisfying than this feeling. I have been TTC from the past two years but I did not have much luck. I don’t know what the problem is and my husband gets quite depressed on this issue. I just went to my doctor and she said that my eggs are of not good quality so she advised me to improve my dietary intake. I read about IVF somewhere while looking for ways to conceive. It is quite expensive but maybe it’s more in my country. I also searched for some good clinics for it and Biotex , a fertility clinic in Ukraine appeared on my search engine. I guess I will be going there for my treatment once I save some money to undergo the process and look for some insurance. I hope I get pregnant with the first attempt or else I would have to adopt any different method. Please wish me luck, I will share my news with you guys as soon as me and my DH find a good solution. life might get more meaningful if my search continues to be fruitful. Can you tell which clinic did you visit? That would help me a lot.


    Keira Barnett

    Hey there!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your story. Yeah nothing is 100%. You fall every now and then. The key is to keep standing up again. Just don’t give up. You are lucky to have a husband so supportive. Take care of the beautiful gift you have been bestowed with. Keep loving each other like the same.
    More power to you.
    Good luck!


    mona liza

    Well Claire many congratulations. You atleast successed. That’s the spirit. We should never stop trying and we should never give up on the things we really want because it’s difficult to wait but more difficult to repent. If there is an embryo transfer done, the reason that IVF fails is because of embryo implantation failure. However, that is not very helpful. When IVF fails, it is actually the implantation failure, but we do not know whether the fdailure to implant was due to a problem with the embryos or a problem with the uterus. Whatever the reason was you eventually successed. You are an inspiration for those women we lose hope after only one attempt. Most of the times the first attempt is successful but atleast we should try once. I am also planning to have IVF now because me and my husband are trying from the last 7 years but no positive results. During this time i had two miscarriages. I was also scared about this technique and pains related with this but now after reading your story , i have found something positive in myself and now i am ready to go for IVF. Thankyou so much for your such an inspirational post. Pray for me also.



    Hey there! I hope that you’re doing good. I’m so glad that you shared your story with us. Telling a painful thing from the past just to motivate others needs guts. Yes, that’s right. A family is a great blessing. Everyone wants to have it. Those who can have it naturally are really very lucky. And those who can’t, keep striving hard for it. So you showed such great courage towards this. You were afraid of needles still you did this to have your own baby. You’re an example of hope and strength to every woman. I know IVF is a painful thing. And it doesn’t result in 100% every time. This required continuous attempts. Just like you passed the third one. Your daughter must be the everything to you because you went through a lot of pain to have her. Thank you for sharing your story. Take care of yourself. Much love!


    Veronica smith

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It is definitely going to help a lot of us in a similar situation. It is really unfortunate that some of us suffer from infertility. Glad medical science offers us a way,right? I understand how you must have felt withstanding the repeated procedure with disappointment initially. Congratulations on your success the third time. 🙂 Please do share your experience with us on how are you feeling now. Good luck with your journey dear!


    ashley anderson

    I am very happy for you.you are looking very happy.I wish you have all the success in your life. Sometimes we just need to be little calm and wait for the best as you do .Hope all goes well with your baby. I’m sure it will be a healthy child. Best of luck



    Hello. I am so happy that you got to have a bay after all the suffering. All that you went through turned out to be worth something. I am so glad there is still nice clinics that actually mean to help their patients instead of wasting their money. Can you please provide me with the clinic’s information? I really need the information for myself.



    Hi Claire! Congratulations on your little baby girl! I hope you both are doing great now. Your story is the same as my sister, she also conceived at 3rd attempt. First 2 attempts failed bad. You’re right nothing is 100% successful because nothing is perfect. There are some little mistakes we make without even realizing and then we are getting angry at the clinic. That’s not their fault, they guide you about everything, but if you still don’t take care of yourself and follow their steps then it’s not their fault. I have seen many couples getting angry on clinic’s staff after failing. They try their best and if it’s still not working for you then maybe it’s not right for your body. You have to listen to your body also, not every woman’s body works the same. Much Love!



    Hey there Vanessa! Yes you can become a mother with PCOS. There are many options for you to conceive. Like IVF, IUI or surrogacy. I will suggest you to try IVF first, i have seen many people who conceived through IVF with PCOS. So there’s nothing to worry about and the clinic name you mentioned, i have read many good reviews about it everywhere and i had my surrogacy there. They won’t disappoint you, Good LucK! Much Love!



    Hey Claire! What an inspiring story! Congratulations to you for fighting and in the end achieving what you really wanted. I believe that the credit goes to you, your husband and of course the clinic. I feel like if one chooses the right clinic, they are lucky. As a good clinic assures that you are okay and they’re very considerate towards you. A lot of people here talked about eastern Europe clinic and at first, I used to be so confused. However, when I visited their website I was astonished that they do care about their patients. Whatever, questions I asked they were extremely helpful and were instantly ready to give me advice. This did make me mentally prepared and I found myself in such a better place. So yes, thanks for sharing your constant battle and the victory in the end. I hope for every woman who is trying the end result is being a mother. As being a mother is everyone’s dream and treatments like IVF and surrogacy let that happen. Best of luck to all those women trying! All my warm wishes are with you.



    I think you shared a strong and motivational story here.Firstly I bet it was all worth it in the end. Also Congratulations on not giving up throughout the process.Needle phobia can be easier said then handle.You dealt with it while keeping your goal in mind.This is to all the women going through infertility.If you think you can conceive using IVF.Do not hesitate and go for it.Be mindful of the expenses though.I mean it can be easy to get carried away.I have recently come to this clinic that seems to meet my need. Can’t really speak for everyone.I really think decisions like these are really important while considering assisted pregnancy.Subsequently, IVF at first try does not have a 100% success rate.My advice to you would be to find a clinic with policies that guarantee in five tries. Even if you have to travel for it.I am sure it would be worth it in the end.(17 sentences)



    Hi Claire,
    Other than your fear of the needle, IVF is a simple process that is mostly painless. If you fear injections, your doctor may choose to use medication instead of injection. On the first day, you will be introduced to the details of the process. This is meant to help you understand what you will be expected to go through. On the second day, your nurse may stimulate you. Typically, your ovaries will produce one egg but when you are stimulated it can produce more. You will take medication for a period of 8 -14 days so as to encourage the follicles to produce more eggs. Your doctor will prescribe medicine that is specific to your body. Involvement of your partner is a plus because it helps him learn more about the process. To stimulate ovulation, follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormones may be used. The medication helps to boost and encourage the body to produce more eggs. Once the eggs have been stimulated, they are retrieved or collected. You will be put on anesthesia so that you sleep as collection process continues. The procedure takes 20-30 minutes. The latest ultrasound technology may be used to guide the needle into the ovary. The job is delicate and every millimeter of egg counts. The specialist will collect the fluids and check the presence of the egg using a microscope. Normally, between 8-15 eggs may be collected. You will take 30 minutes to recover and you will be free to go home. Your husband should produce sperm in the morning so that it gets washed and the best sperm selected to be used in fertilization. For more details, you may visit biotexcom website.



    Hi July,
    I concur with you that most ladies do not know what they want in life. I mean you cannot lead the life of your neighbor. You must plan to lead your own life. It is true that IVF has helped many couples out there. We have heard that more than 5 million children have been born through the procedure. Yet some ladies try up to the fourth or fifth time. I think by the time you have your third failed IVF, you should look around for another option. In fact, the second failure implies that you either can’t carry a pregnancy or you are in a wrong fertility clinic. This is why it is recommended to have the third attempt done in a different facility. Unfortunately, most ladies don’t listen to this. They will tell you that so and so has had a successful IVF transfer why not them? My dear, I like it when you say that you were scared of surrogacy but you just got into it. I know plenty of people resist the idea because they don’t have the right information. You see surrogacy on your own egg guarantees that you will be the biological mother of the child. If your husband donates the sperm, the two of you will be biological parents of the child. What else are people looking for? Why should struggle through expensive procedures like IVF which may not work after all?



    Thank you for sharing your story, dear. It’s so great to know that IVF really works. I met a couple of women, who got pregnant through the IVF. It is really great. I’m very sorry that I wasn’t that lucky. I’ve gone through 2 IVF attempts but had no success. This was the main reason why we entered the surrogacy program. The surrogate gave birth to our son. Of course, I dreamed to deliver on my own. But, still, I’m glad that surrogacy helped me to become a mom. So, I don’t regret that we did it. The only thing we had to do was to go through the examinations and tests. Doctors helped us to do everything in the right way. I really appreciate them. We have chosen a very good clinic.

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