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    Hi, I just want to introduce myself, I am new to this group and I love how everyone here has such kind words to say. I am going through some depression phase as I and my DH are TTC for the last 2 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS and since then my bleeding won’t stop. The doctor advised me that I should go through a fertility treatment. The price she told was so expensive. I want you guys to suggest me any good clinic? I was suggested by my gynecologist to look for Biotex. Has anyone of you went through any kind of treatment there?


    Keira Barnett

    Hey there!
    Hope you’re doing well.
    I’m sorry to hear about your diagnoses. PCOS is a hard thing to deal with. You’re being brave.
    Yeah you’ll probably need some fertility treatment to stop bleeding. I have heard about the clinic too. Everyone seems to speak in its favor. I don’t have a personal experience with the clinic. But I’m afraid I might be needing it. Not sure. If you find any information keep me posted.


    Maria Puzsick

    Well, I think you should go for that! I’ve also been there, I guess so. Is it Biotexcom? right? I’ve had an IVF there. I’ve seen people having PCOS and having babies there. I think you should really go for that!



    Hey there! I hope you’re doing good! Honestly, there is nothing to be depressed about. Don’t worry! Women with PCOS can conceive and I have the higher rate to do so! Yes, there might be complications. There are certain drugs that you can use. However, after discussing with your doctor which might help you control your insulin. What fertility treatment did your doctor suggest? If IVF then I would say you try out in Eastern Europe because I have heard there is a clinic there which is very reasonable. Don’t be stressed out. IVF guarantees a high percentage success! You will hopefully conceive within the first cycle. Best of luck.


    Veronica smith

    Hey lady!

    Welcome to the group! I hope you are doing fine. Yes we all witness such struggles in our lives every now and then. Women are sensitive by nature and hence suffer hell lot of emotions. We are warriors too, right? You will sail through love. This wonderful group keeps us motivated and happy. Don’t worry if you got diagnosed with PCOS, you still can opt for fertility treatments. Yes, medical treatments are expensive but a bit of a research might get you details of fertility clinics around the world.Ukrainian clinics are quite popular and guarantee success rates in reasonable rates. I would suggest choose a package that offers multiple tries. That way you can be rest assured of the success!. Good luck girl!.


    Prerona Ghosh

    Hi Vanessa, how are you doing now? has there been any advancement in your search for a good clinic? I’m really sorry to hear about your misfortune and I’m sorry that I do not have any clinics to recommend to you but what I do have is words of encouragement and faith, because I believe that if you want something bad enough, it can be obtained if worked hard for. Take care and good luck.

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