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    Maria Puzsick

    Hi everyone! how are you all doing here? Well, I’ve been away for a long time. Anyway, I am back now…I’ll be online a little more now. Well, I have this friend or you can say an associate I met at my doctor’s appointment. Well, the tragic thing is that she is just 21 and she got to know that she was born without a uterus. So, it’s really shocking and unfortunate for her. Well, I have suggested her to go for an IVF. She is so young, I cannot imagine. I said it to her 🙁 Well, I hope I’m doing right! I think it’s the only way. Can anyone suggest me an endorsement or something here? I’ll appreciate! xx 🙂



    You have done the right thing. But I think you should have supported her at being alone a little more time. She should have enjoyed her life. She is just a kid. We all want to be moms at that age. But she has no idea how difficult it would be. But at last if that is all she wants. She should have IVF , it would be fine. Don’t worry about that again 🙂



    Hey Maria Puzsick! Firstly, I honestly want to say that it a very nice thing that you’re concerned about your friend. Yes it very tragic that your friend is only 21 and does not have a uterus. However, the real question that arises is, that is it a partial hysterectomy or an entire one. If partial then she still has somewhat of a chance. If entirely removed than there is a zero percent chance. However, the one way she can actually get pregnant is through getting a surrogate. This requires the woman’s at least one out of the two ovaries to be intact. Therefore, yes IVF is the best alternative that your friend could opt for. Best of luck to her! I hope everything goes well. Keeps her hopes high. The technology has immensely improved and anything is possible.



    Hello , i really appreciate that you were trying to do the nice thing for your friend and i really admire your actions, but there are a few questions that i am thinking of. for one, if her uterus is not there at all, then there is no chance of her conceiving, with any procedures, even through ivf. there is no place for the embryo to go if she does not have a uterus at all. it is a really tough thing to come to terms with but i feel like that is the way it is. if it is really important for her to have her own biological children, then surrogacy could be a really good option for her. it worked out well for me, and i have no complaints. i hope it goes well for her!


    Maria Puzsick

    Thanks a lot for all your support! It’s really so nice of you all. Yes! I’ve read all your posts…Now, I am considering to suggest her to go for a surrogacy. I know that IVF can’t even work…I was thinking about implantation though…But, now that’s not even possible! Well, I think it’s the only way for her as Doctor has not suggested to go any implantation yet. So, let’s see where she ends up. I’m also consulting with a few doctors about surrogacy for her…I am hoping that goo may come to her. She is such a sweetheart! I’m so much worried about her btw. Anyway! xx



    Hi guys!! I am new in this forum and I am very much disturbed today for my friend. My friend got married 3 months ago and she conceived the very next month. The first month of pregnancy was gone very smooth but later she has complained of spotting and a severe nausea. At times, her blood pressure also falls down to the minimum range. 6 months ago, she discussed about the symptoms of angina pectoris in her as she lost her parents a year ago but she didn’t go to discuss her condition with a doctor. According to my observation, she is now having a severe heart condition. I have suggested her to abort the baby but she is not willing. What you guys would suggest me? Either she should continue her pregnancy or select for abortion. I am very worried about her health. Your suggestions would be highly appreciable. Thanks.


    Keira Barnett

    Hey there!
    I’m sorry for your friend. It’s sweet that you are concerned about her. You mentioned she was born without a uterus. Her options include surrogacy and adoption. I have been gathering information about this clinic in Ukraine. It has a very good package system. Laws there support surrogacy. A lot of facilities are offered by them in a package.
    Seeing how much you are concerned for her, I recommend you suggest her to look into this clinic.
    I wish you both good luck! May your friend find a way soon. And may it prove the best for her.



    Hello, I did IVF, because I also had tubal issues..this is your best solution. I am thinking though, that we could also do IUI, intrauterine because our uterus’ is fine.IVF is the quickest way to have a baby without tubes.I did it 17 months ago and now am a proud mommy to a daughter. Worked the 1st time! Good luck to your friend!



    Hey there, Really depends on a lot of things not just age, how healthy are you eggs and whatnot, I would recommend seeing your OBGN first before doing anything, Also if you do not have a problem with travelling and hopeful that you can still have children then you can leave for Europe they don’t have such limits. Usually, its considered women of age 35 are ok for IVF. Goodluck love.



    we give you a warm welcome back.!!! We are happy to see you again on this forum. OMG. This is sad news. I am really sorry for her. I know how a woman feels when she hears this news. I am afraid if she commits suicide. You should support her in her alone time and try to convey her words of courage. Definitely, she should do for herself. Try to grab every opportunity of being treated well from a well-known clinic.


    Veronica smith

    Hello Maria,
    You are an amazing soul. It is sweet of you to post a query for your friend. Your friend is really young to be thinking about all this. I feel really sorry for her case. May God give her strength to pull through this phase. Her not having an uterus will not hamper her chances of motherhood. She can still have a baby via IVF treatment or surrogacy. Just be by her side and make her understand the importance of keeping a sound mental health. Invest in yoga,reading that will help her gain confidence. Stay blessed love!


    Prerona Ghosh

    Dear Maria, Thank you so much for helping a person who needs someone there for her. You are amazing for taking time out of your life and getting to care about this girl’s problems. Please try and continue to help and support her even if she isn’t your responsibility to. We need an angel to come and help us go on, so please continue to be that angel to this girl. About if you suggested the right thing, I think you did. IVF is a good option for her to take in this case but, yes, she is young so please tell her to enjoy her life too. Take care and please take care of her too.

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