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    I feel there should be more compensation for surrogates and donors. The money provided is enough to take care of the pregnancy but not to help you move up in life. It’s a cruel world and most people don’t indulge in IVF out of a clean heart. Some of us have just struggled for some time and need some help changing our lives. The money I received after my first surrogacy didn’t even last me five months. For a precious gift such as life, don’t you think there should be more compensation? After all, surrogates are arguably the biggest part of IVF.



    Yep, it’s a ‘must do’ definitely! When we were looking for a clinic/country where to perform surrogacy, firstly, we looked into the process of surrogacy in the US. Found it to be overwhelmingly expensive – from $60 to 150k. And that was a factor (unless you have a kind family member or friend that is willing to carry it for you.) If things go wrong, you automatically have to pay at least $5k to match with another surrogate and do their health workup through the agency. It just seemed that there were so many costs that could be added at any time! And it seemed so unreasonable that most of that cost was going to the agency or lawyer, rather than the surrogate, who receives on average of $20 – 30k for the pregnancy!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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