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    Hey there everyone, whats up these days? How are you all? I want to share my success story today. I married 2 years ago. After 3 months of ttc I became pregnant and gave birth to twinies. Handsome baby boy and a beautiful princess. I am so happy. Just afraid of bad sights. Well, when should I ttc now? After 2 years I think. Because with my body, babies also need my attention and love. Take care everyone. Love you all.


    Keira Barnett

    Hey there Jenifer!
    Hope you’re fine.
    So happy to hear about you. What a beautiful story. It’s always good to hear a success story every now and then. It’s a great blessing you have.
    I’m sure the twins are great. So you wanna TTC again. Maybe give it a gap of two years, atleast, from your previous birth. Let your body be prepared again for the next pregnancy. Meanwhile, you’ll get sometime to spend with your darlings. Good luck with all of this.
    I wish you nothing but the best. Cheers!



    hello congratulations to you and your family, Its truly amazing. You are doing great and i hope and I’m sure the twins are safe and sound. I read you want TTC again, Its good but just take a little care and adjust yourself according to this. From my side you have to give it a gap of one year, as your body need some rest at least, from your previous birth. Good luck with all of this.



    Hello everyone.I was 21 when I miscarried last year, I found out I was pregnant again last month and carried to full term and had a baby boy who is now 1 yr old. Age definitely doesn’t matter as long as you’re ready. People used to tell me the same thing, they see us young and think that we don’t have the brains to take care of a baby and they are so wrong. But being 18 has its advantages, you are way more fertile now than when you’re 35. It is hard to lose a pregnancy but so many women go on to have healthy babies. It usually has no bearing on future pregnancies at all. So I say if you are emotionally ready, which is the only thing that really matters, go ahead and try again and I’m sure it’ll be successful this time.Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. Good Luck!!!!


    Maria Puzsick

    Hello Jennifer! WOW! Congrats! I’m really contented to hear your story! You’re really lucky to have this privilege. Well, I think you should take a gap of two years. It’s really an ideal gap for children and you. It will help you better! Rest is up to you. I mean how you feel better. Anyway! I wish you luck with that! Stay blessed dear. xx



    Hey there jennifer! I hope you are fine. I m so happy to hear from you.Congratulations to you and your beautiful family. Damn TWINS! You’re so lucky. Now you have two beautiful babies so I will suggest you, wait and don’t rush it. Your idea of waiting 2 years is great but if you wait for more than that, it’s even better. Stay Blessed hon!



    Hi there. It is so good to see happy people like you and thank you so much for sharing your happiness with us. I also have always wanted to have twins but many people say that it is very tiring to have two kids at the same time because both of them want your equal attention. People find it very hard to manage Two little babies at the same time but I think you have managed it quite well. I only have one boy but believe me, it gets very hard for me to give him all my attention all the time. If I were you I would have also wanted to have more children right away but I think the intelligent decision for you right now would be to wait a few more years. Let your twins grow up a little bit more. I think it would get very difficult for you to manage three little children at the same time. Keep up the high spirit, I love to see you happy and energetic people like you. best of luck for your future and keep spreading happiness around you.



    Many congratulation’s to you and your family. You are very lucky you conceived so early in your life. This shows the level of commitment towards the pregnancy. I am sure you and your babies are safe and sound. You have to take extra care for yourself as well of kids. I can feel your happiness from your post. Indeed this is the best moment of women life when she had a first baby in her life. Every women wishes to have a baby in her life. And you are lucky one that you living happily now. Wishing you best of luck in your future.


    Kile Gill

    I am fine and am TTC these days. Congratulation for the twins. Glad to know about you. As you have mentioned that you want to try for next, I would say that it’s an awesome idea. You first get yourself use to of your twins, all their needs, and time. Then you are good to go for next. You already are blessed with twins. You must first take good care of them and go for next. It would be better you can wait for some more time. It will help you in keeping everything in its place. Wish you luck and hope to hear what you will decide.



    hello there!well, congratulations on the big happiness.Really kids are a blessing.Reading it surely brings the joy tears to my eyes.As i have been trying for last 10 years and now the hopes are almost zero.I hope these twins bring you the happiness of your life.And since you are such a fertile woman you must try for more.Why not have more bundle of joys in your home.



    Wow great news! Congrats, dear. A lot of women on this forum keep ttc. Your post is a great support for them. It shows that everything is possible. We just have to keep trying. Our dreams come true really fast.
    Did you do something special to succeed faster? I had no chance to get pregnant but I was ttc for a long time. I tried all possible methods to conceive. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me. Anyway, my baby was born by the surrogate. And it makes me very happy. Good luck to all of us, girls. Let’s stay strong.


    Veronica smith

    Wow Jenifer! Such an awesome news. It feels so good to read a success story. Congratulations girl. How are you doing now? How are the twins doing? I see that you wish to TTC again which is fine as long as you are sure you can take it. I would suggest keep a gap of two to three years. This time will heal your body and prepare it for your upcoming pregnancy. Meanwhile you can make loads of memories with the twins and they would grow up to an age where you can easily manage all your kids. The final decision is always yours but do give your body the priority. Good luck love! Best of wishes.


    Prerona Ghosh

    Hey Jenifer, congratulations on having twins. You have been blessed so much. What are their names? It is great to stumble across an incredible success story such as this one. Please accept my good wishes and prayers for you and your complete family. Take care.

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